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Why Do We Love to Travel


This pandemic has given me time to reflect on past travels.  What made me decide to travel to certain destinations?  Why did I go when I went?  Did I learn from being there?  Would I go back?  Why Do We Love to Travel?

All of my own questions that lead me to inquire about why other people love to travel, too.


Why do we love to travel? Adventure!  When I worked in the corporate world and had to travel for business I would always stay a day or 2 later so I could experience the destination.  Why?  Being somewhere new is exhilarating!  People crave new experiences and travel allows people to tap into that craving.  Whether it’s receiving your first lei upon arrival in Hawaii, the first time you see a kangaroo in Australia, or the day trip you take to Niagara Falls in Canada, it’s all so exciting and you have lasting memories.


Appreciating what you have

In the midst of the “daily grind”,  you can lose sight of what you have and what’s truly important.  Exploring another place may give you an appreciation for “home”.  It’s always fun to go someplace new or even familiar but it’s always nice to come home.

Building and strengthening relationships

Why do we love to travel? To cultivate our relationships.  There is nothing like sharing a travel experience with family, friends, your tribe, or even a group of strangers who become friends by the end of the vacation.  Climbing Pulpit Rock in Norway parents get the chance to reconnect with their children. And without electronics.  On a cruise, friends laugh together and sharing their stories from the day’s adventure over dinner.  Have you ever considered an intentional retreat with your tribe? This experience gives you the opportunity for a deeper connection and memories that will last forever.   Group tours on these trips are enriching as you can make 40 new friends in one day who you keep in contact with.

Getting in touch with yourself

Have you ever taken a solo trip?  Getting away from your daily life gives you time to reflect on your life, bask in the present, and set future goals for yourself.  Traveling is one of the best ways to learn about yourself.  Each day brings something different, an opportunity, for you to embrace.

Gaining a new perspective

travel helps open your mind.  You realize that there’s more than one way to live life.  Immersing yourself into different cultures, meeting new people, will show you that your world view isn’t everyone’s world view.  You’ll come home refreshed and with a better, global understanding of people.

What I realize that is it all boils down to one thing. Travel is good for the soul!

If you haven’t traveled lately or are a newbie please read my article on 10 Tips for a New Traveler.

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