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What You Don’t Know About Love Could Affects Your Relationships

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I love February!  It’s cold and bleak in Minnesota so my hubby and I spend the first two weeks vacationing in Hawaii but also because it is considered the month of love.  Obviously, Valentine’s Day has something to do with that; it’s intended to be a day full of love, romance, and chocolate!   In the weeks leading up to V-Day, there are dozens of commercials on TV depicting people L-O-V-E.  Let’s be honest, love is more than Kisses and Hallmark cards.  Has it ever occurred to you that what you don’t know about love could affect your relationships?

Connection with our friends, family, neighbors, and even coworkers makes us happy and gives us a sense of safety and contentment.  They make us feel love and want to give love in return.

However, these relationships can be complicated.  Certainly, new relationships whether you’ve found a new friend or a love interest can be fun and exciting but they can also be incredibly awkward, too!

Actually, all relationships can fell equally as strange and uncomfortable at times even with those we are closest to.  Each one of us is an individual and comes with different experiences, thoughts, ideas, and skills.

Think of people like an onion and relationships like a really BIG one!  Have you ever tried to peel an onion?  Lots of layers.  Even with people you’ve known for a long time, you may never get through all of their layers.

Relationships have many layers, too but they don’t have to be difficult!

It’s pretty tough to enjoy and share love without having meaningful long-lasting relationships in our lives.


All types of relationships.


In this lively, fun and thought-provoking chat Lori Bryant Woolridge, Tracy Seider and I  talk about the different types of relationships that matter in our lives and ways we can make them better!

Guess which one gets overlooked the most. (You’ll have to watch to find out) 🙂

Have ever said to  yourself :

  •  I need to take better care of myself
  • Why can’t I get my ideas across at work
  • I wish had a better connection with my kids
  • I want my partner to understand me and what I want
  • I’d really like to have stronger friendships and connections with the people in my life

Get your pen and paper ready because you might want to take notes! Listen to the replay of our captivating conversation in which we answer the question: I wonder how I can create meaningful, long-lasting relationships in my life?

Watch here!

Fort additional information on work and business relationships, connect with Staci Witten by clicking here.

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