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What is The Passion Test


What is the Passion Test? 

LHL Expert LuAnn Buechler, shares a brief explanation of the Passion Test and why it is so valuable to your personal wellbeing. How the tool can be used to help you get out of stuck and do what you love the most in this life. Now more than ever, you may be thinking about how you want the rest of your life to be? Living in the struggle or living in joy every day? It’s up to you.




In the book The Passion Test, co-authors Janet and Chris Attwood say, “When all else fails, listen to your heart. Passion emerges from the heart, not the mind. When you feel confused, or lost, or don’t know which direction to head, then just start walking and pay attention to what your heart tells you.”


Why should I care?

Most people think the brain is the most powerful organ in our body but this is untrue. The heart puts out much more electrical energy than the brain. The heart is what keeps the blood flowing through our veins and keeps us alive. Are heart provides us with the messages of what is the next right thing to do. While our brain works to keep us safe, hold is in our comfort zone, keep us from taking any risks that might be judged by others in society.

Heart as a noun is one’s innermost character, feelings, or inclinations.

The Passion Test is a system (there is no test), that Saves You Time Energy and Money in rediscovering what you love the most, what your true passions are, who you want to be, do and become.  “That which you love to do and what is God’s will for you is one in the same thing” Janet Bray Attwood. This quote from The Passion Test book, freed my mind, my soul, up to think about what I really want, rather than what others want for me, from me or think I should do. We all have those pressures. To get unstuck you need to acknowledge those voices and be willing to set them aside and look inside yourself. In your heart and find what you really want!

YES, you can have whatever you want, when you set your heart to it!




Sending love with a virtual hug,


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