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What is Soul Sexy?

Personal Development

The concept of ‘sexy’ plays an important part in our culture. We describe people as sexy, but we also use it to describe objects. In shorthand, sexy is good. It’s magnetic. Sexy things are coveted in all areas of life. Sexy people exude power, confidence, and success. Being sexy in our society is important. Soul sexy is magnetic.

The dictionary may define sexy as being:

  1. sexually attractive or exciting 2. exciting or appealing.

We have a way of interpreting that as a way of acting so we are noticed and validated by others. And because we don’t bother to question that definition, or where and how it impacts us, sexy is often a double edge sword that can cut deep.


Level Up Your Definition of Sexy

As a spiritual soul having a human experience, it’s time to level up your understanding of what sexy is and how it is meant to impact your life. Being “sexy” is so much more than a seduction tool used to encourage sex.   Its even different from sensuous love.  Read a little more about that here. It’s your personal calling card designed to help spread light and love throughout this world. It’s one of the ways we attract those who will play significant lessons in our own growth and evolution.

As defined by the Light, sexy is positive energy in motion.


the opposite of negative. Where negativity repels (that ain’t sexy), positivity attracts.


who you are in spirit–formless. Personality and individual charisma make up your sexual energy. It is the source that attracts people to each other for a multitude of reasons and purposes.


movement. Sharing your positive energy as you move throughout your day with positive body language–smiles, laughter, approachability. Leading with kindness and joy is the way that true sexy attracts.

Positive. Energy. In. Motion.  That’s soul sexy.


Why SOUL Sexy is a Magnet

Soul sexy is your inner charisma that lets you lead with light. It’s the truest, most honest, most magnetic part of you.  It’s the part of you that fires of the laws of the universe—the Law of Attraction to be precise—and helps you attract all that you want and are ready to handle.  Joy, abundance, the BIG love are all yours for the asking when you know how to work your soul sexiness.

The Law of Attraction says same attracts same. That’s why truly sexy women–women who own their WOW–are like magnets in the room. They have positive energy in motion that puts them in the light and allows them to shine and be seen.

Are you ready to be soul sexy?  Connect with me today.

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