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Unraveling the Mystery of Soulmates

Personal Development

By Lori Bryant Woolridge

As a spiritual coach who specializes in love, relationships, and feminine
confidence, I often get asked some version of the soulmate question.

  •   Do they exist?
  •   Where is mine?
  •   How do I know?

For many, believing in soulmates is a source of both angst and hope. Angst, because not having found theirs, they feel something must be wrong with them; and hope because of the idea that a very special someone–
the great love of their life—is out there waiting, gives them something to hang their loving desires upon.

And I say, keep hope alive! Because with hope comes possibilities, and with love all things are possible. But it’s important to temper that hope, and those lovely possibilities, with the knowledge of what soulmates truly are and the important role they play in your personal growth and soul’s evolution. Otherwise, you can lose out on some great loving and learning opportunities of this lifetime.

Below are some of the truths I have come to recognize the considerable scope of the soulmate connection. Truths garnered through study and experience and backed up by the angelic realm.


Soulmates do exist! As souls, we’re pretty much time travelers, connected through many lives together. In each life, we are together in a different role. So your lover in past life might be your father in this one. We recognize each other through an immediate intimacy and trusting heart connection. Some mates will be a heart connection, a loving relationship meant
to further your lesson in love of self and others. Some soulmates are connected for other lessons—to teach or be taught. Friends, parents, siblings, family, even perceived enemies are all soulmates.


The soulmate connection is ultimately one of student/teacher. Sometimes you connect as the teacher, sometimes as the student, and every relationship (joyful or difficult) should be valued as a growth opportunity. It’s important to recognize each for who and what they are—
an opportunity to love and be loved. A vehicle in this lifetime to grow and fulfill your purpose.


Soulmates connected by the heart are real. This is the one you’ve been dreaming of–a heart-connected soulmate. This loving connection is your opportunity to see yourself in your soulmate and grow in love for both yourself and another. Soulmate love is a love of instant knowing, comfort, bliss, and love. That said, one does not connect in this blissful type of love
unless one has blissful love for self. So find the soul and love within, and you’ll attract the same.


We have only one soulmate in this life. Soulmates have been romanticized as your once in a lifetime love when even your frenemy can be a soulmate. The truth is, we have many soulmates who we connect with for a variety of life lessons. Those pains-in-the-butt are just as needed as the ones you love and love you. These are the teachers who bring us contrast. They
teach us what we want and don’t want, and therefore are just as needed as the ones who bring us, love.

The angels will tell you, “It would be best to redefine soulmate as connective energy to be exchanged for mutual evolution. Love your enemy as yourself is also a part of the soulmate connection. Learn through love from all soul-to-soul connections no matter on what level or for
what period of time.”

The soulmate connection, in all its forms, is there to help you understand the truth of love. Love is infinite, it’s not meant to be hoarded or saved for a few at the “proper” time. It is meant to be shared and pursued. The more you share love with your soul group, the more the love for yourself expands. The more you love yourself, the more complete you are, and the more likely you will be to find THE soulmate who becomes your ONE.

Click Here to download an Angel message about Soulmates and My Soulmate Collection worksheet.

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