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Turn Knowing into Doing in 2 Easy Steps


Ever KNOW what you should do to take care of yourself, but you just DON’T DO it??

You say it’s because of kids, work, spouse, life, what’s going on in the world… but if you’re honest, it’s really your choice, right?

You know you should do better, and have every intention of starting tomorrow, or next week or next year… but that day never comes.  

So why is there a gap between knowing and doing? 

Because the gap is filled with EXCUSES.

As a woman, you often put everyone (and everything) else first and put yourself on the back burner.  Then one day you wake up and wonder why you look and feel the way you do. Time and gravity have done a number on you and you’re not thrilled with those results, right?

Simple Steps to turn knowing into doing


Decide to make your wellness a priority.

Ever flown on an airplane?

Before takeoff, the flight attendant shares important instructions in case of an emergency.  And what does she say to do if the cabin pressure suddenly drops?  

Put your own oxygen mask first and then help those around you.  

You are no use to anyone if you are oxygen-deprived…so why do you think you can keep taking care of all-the-things if you’re not taking care of your own health first?  Decide today that it matters.


Create a simple plan and take a step.

Ever gone on a long hike?

Prior to leaving the trailhead, you should stop to take a look at a map and decide where you want to end up. And how will you get from where you’re starting to that scenic overlook?  More info about hiking, here!

Take one step after another and look for trail markers along the way.

You will not end up at your intended destination if you follow every rabbit trail, stop to take a nap, or don’t even start…so why do you think you’ll get where you want if you don’t have a plan?

Just take one step, then the next, and the next.

When it comes down to it, what you need is most likely not more knowledge.  Instead of making excuses, choose to make your health a priority, and create a simple plan.   

Know that you are not alone- I’ve been where you are.

As a women’s wellness consultant, my mission is to help busy women prioritize their wellness.   With a simple 3-step plan you can finally turn knowing into doing.  I bring over 20 years of experience educating others to help you create a true lifestyle change by getting rid of excuses and make one body-loving choice after another.

With my help, you will put health and wellness in the proper place, so you can better live out what you have been called to do.

Let’s have a conversation, 


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