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Top 10 Tips for a New Traveler


Things I’d Tell A New Traveler

The night before I leave for a trip, I can’t sleep. I travel regularly for my job, I am a travel agent but still my mind races. 

What do I think anout?  What don’t I think about?

 Thoughts that race through my head …

“Did I pack appropriately?”

“Maybe I should grab another sweatshirt.”   Then off to thr closet I go.

“Do I have all of the documentation I need?  Yep, going to check that again now. 

How much does my suitcase weigh?   Maybe I should go weigh it again.   Ofcourse  I run off to weigh it again. 

Maybe I should set 2 alarms.  It that would be awful to miss my flight…where’s my watch? I’ll set that alarm too. 

What am I forgetting? 

I feel like I’m forgetting something.  I’ll think about that for awhile.  I can’t think of anything. 

Oh look, I can only get 4 hours of sleep now.”

What I will tell you is yes, there’s a lot of excitement, hope, fear and a plethora of other emotions around traveling.  But RELAX…you’re going to have a great adventure.

Traveler tips
  1. If you are traveling internationally, make sure you have your passport and that it has at least 6 months left on it (many countries require this amount of time).  If you are traveling domestically, make sure you have your Real ID Act compliant driver’s license or ID card.  Beginning 10/1/2021 it will be mandatory to get on a airplane.
  2. Back up all of your important data and information in digital form (passport, credit card, health card) just in case they are lost or stolen.
  3. Check travel advisories such as the US Dept. of State and the CDC for recommendations  You could enroll in the STEP program.  Know where the local US Embassy is located in the country (ies) you are visiting.
  4. Check that your healthcare covers you while traveling.  If not, purchase a travel protection policy.
  5. Read an up to date guidebook or 2 before you leave so you know about the culture in your destination (ie. hand gestures, language spoken, things to say/not say etc.).  Even domestically there are differences.
  6. Pack for where you’re going;  If you will be traveling in Europe, you may want to pack 2 smaller bags vs. 1 large suitcase (as you may be traveling by train).  Using packing cubes or roll your clothes when packing can save a lot of space.  If you are going to a warm destination, make sure you bring layers as the temperature could drop in the evening.
  7. Place your  medications in your carry on bag next to your travel pillow and headphones.
  8. Bring cash in the currency you will be using.  You can always re-deposit or exchange cash you didn’t use once you return. Always have a credit card available as well.
  9. Let your Bank & credit card companies know where you’ll be traveling.
  10. Check with your mobile phone carrier about an international plan.  
Bonus tip

If y are traveing outside of the United States you will need a electric currency converter to plug in items like your cell phone, computer, and ladies your curling iron.  It amy even be worth buying a curlin or flat iron with teh ppropriate adapter to bring with you. 

The number one thing to pack owever, is YOUR PATIENCE.  Don’t stress about what you don’t know.  Take your time and consider it an adventure and you will be a storyteller when you return home!it

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