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Top 10 National Parks in the U.S.A.


By Sandy Haddick

What does taking a vacation mean to you? Does it mean you have to spend thousands of dollars? Does it mean you have to take the family out of the country? NO, not at all.

Vacation means getting away from your daily, busy schedules and reconnecting as a couple, family, friends or finding what it is that makes you tick.

Have you considered a lower budget road trip vacation?

There are over 60 designated National Parks in the U.S.A. Have you ever experienced one?   Right here in the U.S.A., we have many beautiful vacation worthy park destinations within driving distance from where you live. Some have accommodations within the parks such as hotels, lodges, campsites, and yurts that can suit an array of budgets.

According to the National Park Service, these were the most visited in 2018.

National Park Photo taken by author
Majestic Grand Canyon

Top 10 National Parks in the U.S.A.

10. Glacier National Park – on the border of US & Canada in Northern Montana
9. Grand Teton National Park – Northern parts of Wyoming
8. Acadia National Park – located exclusively on an island on the southern coast of Maine
7. Olympic National Park – In far west Washington across the bay from Seattle
6. Yellowstone National Park – The wildlife areas of Montana and Wyoming
5. Zion National Park – Navajo sandstones in Utah
4. Rocky Mountain National Park – Well-known mountain range that resides in Colorado
3. Yosemite National Park – Northern California
2. Grand Canyon National Park – Arizona; one of the most renowned natural landmarks in the world

And the most visited National Park in the U.S.A. is….

1. The Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee

National Parks in the U.S.A.
Cades Cove Smokey Mountain National Park

Do you need a little help planning your national Park vacation?  Click here!

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