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The Key to Living Your Passionate Life


What is the Key to Living a Passionate Life?  We all want to be in on that secret, don’t we?  I know I do!  It seems like some people have figured out the key and are living amazing abundant lives that we envy.  Here’s the good news.  You can have that healthy happy and fulfilled life that you dream of.

What does passion have to do with it anyway?

I’m here to share the key to living a passionate life with you? I warn you it is going to sound too easy but bare with me because the process works.  The process is called the Passion Test.  It is a simple yet powerful system that helps you hone in on your passions saving you time, energy, and money.  The Passion Test, which isn’t actually a test, helps you live a life full of joy and passion by identifying your top five passions.  Once you have identified your passions you then set a course to living those in your life.

The Key to Living a Passionate Life

You see the key to living a Passionate Life is simple. “Whenever you are faced with a choice, a decision, or an opportunity, consistently choose in favor of your passions.” Janet Bray Attwood. Simply put, it is all about consciously choosing in favor of your passions.

In order to live this way, you must first get clarity on what those passions are. Some people say they know what they are passionate about. In that case, the Passion Test is an affirmation of those truths. This may be you. What I have consistently seen when you take the Passion Test is that you may learn something completely new about yourself. It is worth finding out which is true for you.

Then it is about reprogramming the neuropathways of our brain to first of all “consciously” take actions.

Most of us are operating on auto-pilot, doing what we think we have to do to fit into society or doing what things to please others. The problem with thinking in this way is that we never consider that there may be another way. Imagine, you may actually be able to create the life of your dreams doing what you love to do.

Ultimately, the key to living a passionate life is consistently, and consciously, choosing in favor of your passions. This takes practice and will get easier over time. It is truly a process of retraining yourself to be consciously aware of the choices you make in every aspect of your life to honor who you are and fully live your passions. Put another way, it is aligning your actions with your values, the things you are passionate about.


Discover Your Passions!

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