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The Connection Between Sugar and Your Hormones


Have you ever considered that there is a connection between sugar and your hormones?  In my interview with Dr. Stephanie Zgrangen we’ll talk about that connection and to help you discover if sugar is a problem for you.

Like many helping professionals who serve others holistically,
Dr. Stephanie Zgraggen had sought conventional guidance for her own health and was given advice that simply didn’t feel right.

By taking matters into her own hands she was able to restore her health without surgical or pharmaceutical intervention. Her favorite quote (and one of mine) is “well-behaved women seldom make history.”
Tune in on our chat and you’ll learn:


  • The difference between free and bound hormones
  • How to tell if sugar is a problem for you
  • What herbs she suggests for hormone health
  • About a sort of “Antabuse for sugar addicts”
  • Dr. Zgrangen’s suggested resources if you want to go deeper

Listen to our interview here.  

You will be glad you did!


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