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Take the Stress out of Getting Dressed


Hi there! My name is Alicia Goodson and I am a Certified Wardrobe Stylist who has a passion for helping women feel confident in their own skin.  I have the experience and insight to help you take the stress out of getting dressed!

The first step in removing stress from your wardrobe is for me to get to know my clients and show them which different types of clothing that are most flattering for their body type. This knowledge takes all of the confusion out of getting dressed.

With just a few styling tips you can learn to style your own outfits so you feel polished, confident and ready to take on the day!  Get dressed in a snap!

Spring Season is here!  At least according to the calendar (in the MidWest we run about a month behind the rest of the country).  So, I’m excited to show you the latest trends for Spring 2020 to help you get dressed with ease.

Want to be bold and daring with fluorescent?  Now is the time! How about wearing a corset out to dinner?  Would you dare?

While I certainly love fashion my greatest source of joy is watching my client’s confidence grow with their new-found style. “There’s nothing more beautiful than a woman feels great in her own skin. Learn about the Spring 2020 fashion-forward trends.

Check out the New Spring 2020 Styles here!


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