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Stepping Outside My Comfort Zone


Have you ever opened your email and thought WOW,  what an exciting message.  Then for the rest of the day, it was like you were walking on cloud 9?  That just happened to me the other day.  If that’s what I get for stepping outside of my comfort zone I should do it more often.

Let me explain.  I had submitted an article about stepping out of my comfort zone to  Elephant Journal, a digital publication that I subscribe to. Elephant Journal shares tips with their readers on how to live a more MINDFUL life which is what I do at Grit and Grace Meditation so receiving this email was “Kind of Big Deal…

 When I wrote the article, I stepped outside my comfort zone and vulnerably shared about how my controlling perfectionism spiraled out of control and I was taught some deep life lessons. Have you ever experience that?

I want to share the article with you.  Click here to read it in its entirety.  It provides you insight into my transformation. When you read it, maybe you will see a little bit of me within you and understand why it’s essential to have tools to navigate life. I hope that by stepping outside my comfort zone I can help you step outside yours.  Namaste!

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