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Start Decluttering Today!


By Leanne Pruette, Let’s Ace Your Space

Two Reasons Why You Should Start Decluttering Today!

Hey there, Living Healthy List! I want to talk to you a little bit about why to declutter. I’m sure if you think about it, you can probably think of some reasons to declutter, and outlined below are two of my favorites!

Benefit #1 is time

Clutter is likely one of your biggest time-wasters. I like to use the example of my pantry. Anytime I entered my (cluttered) pantry, I had to move around jars, bottles, and cans to find what I needed. I was looking around things, looking under things, and generally wasting my time. One day I was fed up. I pulled everything out, purged, cleaned, and reorganized the space. From then on, I saved time in my kitchen. The time spent decluttering paid dividends.

Another example you may have heard me mention is my craft clutter. In my fantasy life,

I’m a big crafter. In my actual life, not so much. I used to take the craft clutter out, move it around, and organize it. I’d think of doing a craft, but then put it off for another day. So

I’d put all the craft supplies back, move them around some more, wonder what to do with all of my craft supplies…you get the idea. These supplies were supporting a fantasy hobby, and they were wasting my time. I eventually carved out time to deal with the unused craft clutter. The result was more time to do the things I actually wanted to do. Clearly, crafting was not one of these things! If you make the time to get the clutter out of your space, it will pay you back in spades! You will have so much more time to do what you really want to do.

decluttered bookshelf in background
Decluttered Beauty
Benefit #2 is breathing room

Clutter screams at us. Whether it’s physical clutter, mental clutter, digital clutter, or clutter in our diet, it uses up physical and mental bandwidth.  A peaceful space is the result of physical clutter that’s been handled. We end up with more breathing room, and we lessen the overwhelm and anxiety about our space. I offer additional tips and support in my Facebook Group.

Decluttering and Mindfulness go hand in hand. Click here to find out how!

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