Denise Stegall
Welcome to Happy Living. Are you ready to Love the Life you Live? Imagine your dreams and desires for yourself are your new reality! The things you have been waiting for, hoping for, dreaming about are all there for you……….are you ready to go for it? Hi, I’m Denise Stegall, The Happy Living Coach. I help guide women 40+ build their dreams, accelerate their results, and create richer more fulfilling lives. I’ve motivated women to come out of their shell and see life in a new way by empowering them to take charge of their health, supporting them to create balance and inspiring them to love the life they live. Together we will breakthrough limitations and achieve greater results than you ever imagined. My programs, workshops and even single sessions focus on three pillars of success: Eat Real Food, Make Good Decisions and Be Accountable. Within the pillars, we delve… View Profile
Suzanne Taylor-King
Welcome! Are you ready for more energy, more vibrancy, and a greater sense of well-being in all areas of your life? Let's up-level to the ultimate version of you! Healthy, Fit, Energetic & Happy! If I can do it so can you! Suzanne was once confused, sick and totally bored with her life! It made her physically sick, tired and lethargic, then diagnosed with MS and faced with either the challenge of healing her body or going on medication to prevent the progression of the dis-ease that was happening in her body! She went on a 2 year quest to heal her brain lesions, emotions and physical body and end the inflammation in my body! Finding her passion along the way ~ designing healthy lifestyles for others! Taking that passion and turning it into a career helping others do the same! Along the way I finding essential oils and aromatherapy… View Profile
LuAnn Buechler
LuAnn is known as the Little Spark, and that she is - Sparking breakthrough change in businesses and individuals. She is the owner of PMC Events & Coaching which she started 14 years ago. She is a transformational coach, certified facilitator of the Passion Test & Passion Test for Business. She is a professional speaker, trainer and event facilitator. LuAnn is the co-author of Exceptional Care for Your Valued Clients, applying the power of positive word choice in the customer service experience and ihug: My Journey as a Hugger, which she self-published in 2017. She is also a Director Consultant for BNI, Business Network International, which she has been a part of for 14 years as well. BNI is the primary tool LuAnn has used to grow her business. Her favorite quote is “Do what you love, in service to people who love what you do.” This is what she… View Profile
Sheree Clark
Sheree Clark is a Midlife Courage Coach, TV show host, inspiring speaker and accomplished author. Sheree has written and presented on topics ranging from finding your passion to overcoming career burnout. She appears in a weekly segment on KCWI channel 23 called Fork in the Road with Sheree Clark, while maintaining a busy practice coaching clients one-on-one and in groups on creating an authentically fulfilling life. In her personal time, Sheree and her cat Lotus work on their yoga poses. View Profile
Kimberly Price
Kimberly Price is a WHOLE LIFE strategist, holistic health practitioner, certified yoga instructor, philanthropist, wife and mother of four; passionate about taking the HELL out of healthy living; (be it with a smoothie, laughter, a fun event or an unconventional type of mediation,) to help you start thinking, acting and living like the CEO of your life, so that you can find the courage to start moving forward faster in your Health, Relationships and Business. She is about whole body wellness, and helping to inspire and empower people to believe in what’s possible for them, in living their biggest best lives. She lives for clean eating, loves the outdoors, a restorative yoga class, adventure travel, a good pair of jeans, smooth jazz music, the smell of fresh coffee, the sound of the wind, and her day to day life with her four crazy kids, husband Nate and their four legged… View Profile
Why you might need a Midlife Courage Coach
Today I am excited to share with you a very special edition of Fork in the Road with Sheree Clark.  Sheree is here as the guest where she is asked some of the questions she poses to her guests and her clients, too. But first here's a little about Sheree: For 25 years Sheree owned and managed successful Ad agency.  She is an author, public speaker and host of a weekly healthy living segment on local TV. Sheree's home life is just as exciting.  Her distinctive art deco home was highlighted in a Better Homes and Garden book and was featured on the Discovery Channel. Sheree is a whiz in the kitchen.  I love her smoothie and juice recipes. She actively practices yoga and is the proud owner of a Maine Coon Cat named Lotus, who often steals the show during her Facebook Live Sessions. In this interview, Sheree explains… View Profile