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Reduce Shoulder Tension in 5 Minutes


Hey, everybody, it’s Lisa Medley and I am here to share with you a really simple tip and trick to release tension in your upper shoulders and neck.

Got the weight of the world on your shoulders? Is your neck up in your ears? Try this simple self-care technique to increase ease and reduce tension. 

Your regular daily activities, such as writing, typing on the computer, texting on your phone, and driving, cause a lot of stress on the body. In particular, your shoulders tend to raise and tighten up when we are busy doing our work.  These parts are constantly holding your body up so its no wonder why they feel tense!  Usually, we don’t even notice it until we’re so uncomfortable that we are in pain.


Causes of Neck Pain
  • poor posture
  • weak neck musculature
  • repetitive stress

But injuries such as falling or being in a car accident (even a minor accident) can cause this problem. One of the biggest contributors to neck pain is sitting at a computer for extended periods of time or using your smartphone.

When you apply pressure on the soft tissue around your neck, shoulders you reduce muscular tension and ease day-to-day stress. It also helps bring more oxygen flowing and increases your range of motion.

3 Benefits of Self Massage
  • Recovery of muscle soreness
  • Help reduce migraines.
  • Reduces stress and anxiety

Remember, ease is your natural state so watch the video and do the exercises along with me and return to your natural state with ease.

Thanks for watching the video.  Here’s more information on the cause and effects of neck tension.

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