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Ready for the Love You Say You Want?

Personal Development

I often ask women if they are ready to be in love instead of just dreaming about it. And as you can imagine, the answers are almost always, HELL YES! The problem is, they usually interpreted my question incorrectly, thinking I’m asking them whether they WANT to be in love?  So they respond to the wrong questions.  Again, the question is, are you ready for the love you say you want? Are you ready for a meaningful, lasting relationship?

Willing and Wanting or Ready and Able?

Being ready for the kind of quality love you say that you want demands so much more than merely wanting to be attached–even if you want it really, really bad. Quality love comes from operating on another level.  When you’re no longer worried about searching for love, or tap dancing to show your worth or looking for someone to validate you.

On this level, being ready is about an energy shift. Transforming the way you think about love. What you believe about yourself, and your sense of worthiness to have such a love.   Also, changing your perceptions about relationships in general and more importantly about yourself as a quality partner.  Only then can you attract and cultivate a fulfilling and lasting relatiosnhip.

Give Quality Love to Receive Quality Love

The truth is we are always so worried about the quality of love we want to RECEIVE, we give little or no thought to the quality of love we GIVE. The Universal Law of Attraction says: like energy attracts like energy.  This means that you are the co-creator of every loving relationship you’ve ever been a part of–good or bad. This also means that the work to be done is on yourself.

Your job right now is to level up your partner prep. Fall in love with the best of yourself, and emit the quality energy you want to be returned. This is the most important work you can do to prepare for that powerful, dynamic, delicious love that is out there awaiting you.

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