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Powerful Plants: The Key to Living Your Healthiest Life


By Debbie Movsesian
I went into the field of medicine and became a physician assistant for the same reason most people do, “to help people.” I had been practicing in cardiology for more than 15 years when one day it finally hit me. I wasn’t making the impact on my patients’ health the way I wanted to. Too many patients kept coming back in with recurrence of symptoms or worsening conditions. 
Yes, I was helping to improve some of their symptoms with medications or procedures, but was this enough? The answer became a clear NO. They deserved more than just help. They deserved to be healed. 
My dissatisfaction with the status quo in the medical world led me to the most amazing discovery – the power of plants! 
The answer was in front of me all along! It wasn’t the latest medication or procedure that was going to make the biggest difference, it was addressing the underlying cause of disease! I quickly learned how impactful our food choices really are; that what we eat is either contributing to disease or it is healing us and preventing disease. This discovery brought a whole new level of understanding to something I had heard many times “we should eat better, exercise and lose weight.”
After learning the truth about food, I realized that no matter what the problem, complaint, risk or concern, the answer is more plants! Whether you want to feel better with more energy or live with less pain, you can achieve this by eating more plants. Want to lose weight and look and feel great when you stand in front of the mirror and get ready for a night out? Eat more plants! If you want to be healthy and disease free so you will be able to live a long life and watch your kids and grandkids grow up, this can be achieved by increasing how many plants you eat!!
I discovered that the best way to live an active, healthy, long and enjoyable life is by achieving these 3 steps:
  •  Having Awareness (being honest about your current situation) 
  •  Taking Action (making choices that support short and long term goals) 
  •  Making it a Lifestyle (creating long-lasting habits that can be enjoyed for the rest of your life!)
The most important of these habits involves increasing the foods that nourish your body (whole plants) and removing the foods that are toxic to your body (everything else.)
Whole plants (vegetables, fruit, legumes, whole grains, nuts, and seeds) contain all the fiber, protein, vitamins*, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients that our bodies need to prevent common chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Creating a lifestyle focuses predominantly on eating these healthy foods provides nourishment and cuts down on toxic and inflammatory effects. When your body is running like a well-oiled machine, magic happens!
From the inside out, plants have the power to give you what you desire! Want clear skin or a clear mind?  Replace some of the unhealthy foods with whole plants and you create these kinds of changes.  Energy levels climb which leads to more fulfilling and active lives. With less pain and more energy, you can keep up with your kids and grandkids! 
When you provide your body with the nutrients it needs, you will no longer crave junk food and you naturally lose weight; your body slims down to the weight nature intended.
Then you look in the mirror and feel incredible slipping on that new outfit, ready to go out into the world with a renewed sense of confidence and excitement. 
Here’s the exciting news…the best of all is still yet to come. As you are improving the way you look, feel and live life there is an incredible thing happening at the cellular level. You are rejuvenating your cells, your blood vessels, and your vital organs. Your body is healing, you are slowing the aging process and you’re revving up your metabolism! You are now achieving your best health – and giving yourself the best chance to live a long, healthy life free of disease!
It doesn’t end here. If you are like me and your choices influence others (I have a husband and 2 daughters) you have the opportunity to “pass down” health to future generations. The more healthy choices we make and the more whole plants we bring into our world, the more likely our children will also make healthier choices. Together we can transform this world, one plate of plants at a time!
Are you ready to create a healthier lifestyle for you and your family by incorporating more whole plants? I can help! Please contact me here or visit my Facebook page.
Check out my private Facebook community for moms to gather, learn, and be inspired while supporting one another to live their healthiest life! If you are a mom who wants to lose weight and create consistent healthy habits so you will look and feel amazing, boost energy and optimize health come join us at Happy & Healthy Mamas.
*vitamin b12 supplementation is recommended for those who eat a strictly plant-based diet.

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