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Owning Your Inner CEO

Personal Development

Kimberly Price

Founder Real Healthy Living

Fast track guide to owning your inner CEO: 7 quick steps (+ 7 bonus ideas) to unlocking your inner CEO now and reclaiming control of your future!

You can lead, or be lead… The choice is yours! Owning your inner CEO is as simple as opening your mind and making different choices. Now, i want you to ask yourself each of these questions & take note of the first answer that comes into your mind:

  • Do you act like or tell yourself everything in your life is great, while behind the scenes you are constantly busy, stressed out and overwhelmed?
  • Do you tell yourself it will all get better when…….Jonny goes to college, john gets a new job, you “get caught up”.
  • What is your magic super power?

It’s interesting what comes up, isn’t it? I want you to discover, accept and know that inside each of you lie the tools to unlocking the opportunity to have freedom in your life. This guide was created to help you start thinking, acting and living like the

CEO of your life, so that you can find the courage to move forward faster in your health & relatonships & business.

So, here is, “the list” a comprehensive guide to owning your inner ceo. These are things that all of the most successful ceo’s focus on consistently to stay sharp, and expand in every area of their life.

  • Self-care is the key to creating movement as well as space in your life, put your oxygen mask on first as they say!
  • Structure- the more structure you have, the more freedom you feel. When you are clear on what is coming up, you also enjoy more of your time because you are clear on the path that you are taking.
  • Build solid relationships —choose peers who lift you up. There is this saying: you are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time around. Choose people that are up to big things just like you in life.
  • Cultivate creativity within yourself, and in everyone around you
  • Be consistent. Consistency is key. If you say you are going to do something .Do it. Live your word.
  • Master the art of saying no. Saying no when something does not support your growth. We often say yes to please others, or because we feel a sort of obligation. Saying no is a form of self-respect.
  • Be clear on the things you are willing to let go of. “To be who you have not yet become, you must go places you have never gone.”
  • Adaptability, willingness & flexibility: this is key, learn to be flexible with your plan. When you are, you will find opportunities that you may have otherwise missed.
  • Kick perfection to the curb. Being perfect is not realistic or authentic. Be you, and do you, everyone else is taken.
  • Constant personal evaluation. “Self check-in’s”. What’s working? What is not? What are you committed to? A strong commitment to self-care and personal growth
    Is where results come from.
  • Own it-take responsibility for what’s working and what’s not working, and for what is! You are the CEO.
  • Know your blind spots, and work to close the gap in areas you want to see results.
  • Have a coach or a mentor: the best way to grow is to have an extra set of eyes consistently showing you your blind spots.
  • Be you – live authentically. Show up. Be a leader, a visionary and a constant stand for greatness.

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