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Carola Becker
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Carola is a passionate certified Nutritional Therapist, Sports Nutrition Advisor, Weight Loss Specialist, and proud founder of Life is Good Nutrition where her team designs personalized nutrition plans based on Carola's enormously successful system. It’s all about what makes you tick: discover the ultimate way to reach a healthy weight successfully and sustainably, re-gain your energy levels, and simply feel fantastic.
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woman with water bottle
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Summer!! The time of the year when you want to be outside all the time! And that’s great, go for it, enjoy nature and the warmer days. But don’t forget your water bottle…  Your sense of thirst is unreliable – by the time you feel thirsty you are already dehydrated. And even though tea and … Continue reading “Enjoy the great outdoors but don’t forget to hydrate and rest– often overlooked helpers of your mental health”

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Recommit to a healthier way of eating and living and learn how to incorporate good foods into your busy day. Eating well can be a challenge when you are busy. But there are lots of easy ways to eat a balanced diet that keeps your body and brain happy and healthy. One idea that can … Continue reading “How to Incorporate Good Foods into your Busy Day”