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Andrea Hayley-Sankaran
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You probably have heard of Ayurveda but may not understand its origins or what it is.  Specifically, you may be interested in its fundamentals and are curious about Ayurvedic Nutrition.   Ayurveda’s approach to nutrition is entirely unique, and different from anything else that’s popular in the world today. Ayurveda literally means the “science of life,” … Continue reading ” What is Ayurveda’s Approach to Nutrition?”

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I was challenged by Denise Stegall this month to think about what it means for a woman to be successful, open-minded, and brave.   After a few minutes of reflection, it occurred to me that these attributes are directly related to this one thing, how positive you feel about your health. Especially these days, I find … Continue reading “How Positive Do You Feel About Your Health?”