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Emily Kirkwold
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Did your mom teach you about your menstrual cycle? When I was 10 years old, my mom took me on a special trip, just to the two of us. As we drove up north to spend the weekend together, she told me about how my body was and would be changing. Honestly, I don’t remember … Continue reading “There is More to Your Menstrual Cycle”

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When it comes to your body do you listen?    Your healthy body sends signs and signals to let you know that os it needs something or that something isn’t quite right.  If you pay attention it will also let you know when things are good and it is functioning at its best.  Most of … Continue reading “Natural Family Planning-Trust Your Body?”

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It surprises people when they find out that I am a pharmacist who helps patients get OFF medications. Now, medications definitely have their place. If I am having a stroke or a heart attack, I want you to take me to the hospital and give me medications. But, there are many times where medications are … Continue reading “Get off unnecessary medications this year”