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Lissa Figgins
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Budapest XIII. kerület Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants. Talk about simple.  And perfect for National Salad Month- check out my fav salad shaker ideas below as well as the 4 Simple Rules to eat healthy! But first, these guidelines from Micheal Pollan’s book In Defense of Food are exactly what we need to hear in a world … Continue reading “4 Simple Food Rules to Eat Healthy”

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where to buy Ivermectin It’s National Anti-boredom Month.  It’s interesting that an entire month is dedicated to not being bored.  Why? Because boredom can stop you in your tracks, put an end to your forward momentum and literally leave you with a desire to plop yourself on the couch and stay there. Have you ever said to yourself… I … Continue reading “Find the Motivation You Need to Succeed”

7 months ago no Comment “The cost of procrastination is the life you could already be living.” Natalie Ellis, CEO of BossBabe It’s true.  How does that make you feel to think about what you are missing out on? It’s already March. What did you do with the big goals you set for the new year? Whether it’s your health, … Continue reading “The True Cost of Procrastination”

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A new year always inspires me to make a long list of all the things I want to do to be healthier, stronger, younger (looking), wealthier, wiser, and better,  but a question I heard the other day made me change the way I’m approaching it this time around.  My goal is to do less and … Continue reading “Do Less to Have the Best Year Ever”

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Aging.  How do you feel about it?  I’m sure you have some ideas about it, preconceived notions may be, biases, and what it means to you.  I bet you want to know how to both live well and age well, too.   The aging process starts the moment you were born and if you’re like most, … Continue reading “How to Live Well and Age Well”

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Ever KNOW what you should do to take care of yourself, but you just DON’T DO it?? You say it’s because of kids, work, spouse, life, what’s going on in the world… but if you’re honest, it’s really your choice, right? You know you should do better, and have every intention of starting tomorrow, or … Continue reading “Turn Knowing into Doing in 2 Easy Steps”

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Your future is determined by how fast and how frequently you ask for feedback. Did you know that by 3 months into a new year 92% of people give up on their New Year’s goals…are you one of them?  Whether you slack off on your intentions or you keep them going strong, there is one … Continue reading “How often do you ask yourself for feedback?”