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Lisa Pepper Satkins
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I often tell my clients to ‘stay in  your hula-hoop.” Perhaps another way to say it is to stay in your lane. What I mean is that staying in your hula-hoop is about boundaries than hula-hoops, but it’s a metaphor that resonates well with most people. Imagine you have a giant hula-hoop resting on your … Continue reading “Stay In Your Lane or Your Hula Hoop”

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…and How to Fire Her! It’s my freshman year.  I walk down the hall.  I’m late.  I hear my shoes echo.  I’m heading into the classroom of my least favorite teacher of my first year in high school, Mrs. Smith. I knew about Mrs. Smith before I meet her.  Her reputation preceded her. Mrs. Smith’s … Continue reading “YOUR INNER BULLY KEEPS YOU FROM SHINING YOUR LIGHT”