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Tracy Seider
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1 year ago no Comment Take Time to Breathe Better Breathing? Sounds easy. Yet it’s an auto-function that most of us need to re-learn – regular life or pandemic life. Do you find yourself holding your breath or breathing shallowly? Learning how to get your body to BREATHE BETTER is probably one of the biggest health, fitness, and mindfulness shifts … Continue reading “Take The Time to Breathe Better”

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order modafinil europe Mother’s Day is this Sunday in many parts of the world.  If there was EVER a time for mothers to feel validated, appreciated, pampered, healthy, and loved, this #stayathome Mother’s Day 2020 is it. Right?  So I’ve come up with unique Mother’s Day gift ideas for peri-menopausal moms. Whatever your circumstances – kids, no kids, … Continue reading “Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas”

1 year ago no Comment I know that The Coronavirus has caught us all off-guard, unprepared. The things that we obsessed over and worried about yesterday now seem trivial as we practice social distancing, hunker down with our families, and wait to see what will happen.  We need to be strong, centered and supported now more than ever. My heart … Continue reading “Strong, Centered & Supported”