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Biba Vernon
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Itaberaba I bet you didn’t know that in Summer your kitchen is the perfect place to go shopping for a face mask. Tropical fruits and veggies from your garden offer incredible natural benefits to your skin and are inexpensive! Here are 5  of my favorite DIY fruit face masks for beautiful skin.   At Beauty by Biba, … Continue reading “DIY Fruit Face Masks For Beautiful Skin”

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Bryanka Wow…think about the fact that you and I have been through a full year of mask-wearing at this point. No doubt many of you have skin that was definitely throwing some tantrums about it, as you most likely experienced some form of breakouts, dry patches, skin irritation, and even bruising with medical-grade masks.  This condition … Continue reading “Combat Mask-Wearing Acne aka Mask-ne”

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Dinapore How do you prevent sun damage?  There are lots of ideas and advice but it’s time for the number one skincare myth to be debunked.  What is that myth?  Sunscreen is only necessary for sunny summer days. I’ve been an esthetician for many years and I’ve studied all the details about sunscreen usage. I know … Continue reading “The Number One Skincare Myth”

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It’s been weeks since we started the shelter in place quarantine. At this point, many of you are letting things go beauty-wise and your skin isn’t looking its best.  The effects of stress, alcohol, and unhealthy eating can cause dehydration, breakouts, and dull skin.   My goal today is to provide you with information about basic … Continue reading “Basic At Home Skincare Demystified”

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I’m writing to you during Week 2 of my Co-Vid quarantine. I don’t know about you but I’m not quite feeling quite myself. Rather than wallow or get stressed out, let’s do something constructive. It’s time for a Pantry Raid!  I’ve given you three self-care recipes using items from your pantry.   I can see very … Continue reading “Self Care Recipes Using Items From Your Pantry”

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Baby its cold outside.  With the cold, dry winter weather are you suffering more from dry, chapped lips? I bet you have a skincare routine.  Does it include treating your lips?  probably not.  We tend to forget our lips until they start bothering us. Did you know that year-round, even in the winter, when you … Continue reading “Winterize Your Chapped Lips”

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During the holiday season, it’s easy to let your skin regime take a backseat.  Busy schedules, cold weather, and traveling to and fro can make you want to curl up on the couch and fall asleep.  Without washing your face at night. Seems harmless, I know. Most articles about winter skin tend to focus only … Continue reading “Winterize Your Skin”

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As much as I hate to say anything that might be thought of as rushing the holidays, they are almost(gulp!) upon us. Before all your travel plans are solidified, your plane tickets booked and your bags are packed, I wanted to take a minute to talk about how to properly care for your skin during … Continue reading “Skin Care During Holiday Travel”