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Lorraine Miano
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It’s that time of year, again.  Cold Season.  How often do you get sick during the winter months??    No matter how healthy we try to be by eating right, exercising, and getting enough sleep to keep our immunity level high the common cold continues to plague us.   Thankfully, you can boost your immunity naturally and … Continue reading “Boost Your Immunity Naturally!”

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When it comes to managing the symptoms of perimenopause, hormone imbalances, and hormone imbalances for many women, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) may not be an option.  Whether due to your personal or familial history of cancers (breast, uterine, or cervical),  potential side effects, or a desire for a more natural way, there are multiple holistic … Continue reading “Herbal Supplements For Menopausal Symptoms”

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Springtime makes us think of rebirth and renewal which makes it the perfect time to clean, purge, and organize our homes and our lives. When we are organized and have removed the clutter in our homes, life is so much more pleasant. I know that I feel lighter.  Now is the perfect time for Spring … Continue reading “Spring Cleaning For Your Kitchen”

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How will you remember this time of early 2020? How did you live?  Will you recall how you were possibly quarantined, riddled with angst and fear, hoarding toilet paper? OR… Will you remember how for the first time in a long time your family shared meals together, played games together, talked, laughed, and loved together? … Continue reading “Live a more enjoyable and meaningful life”

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Are you struggling with anxiety?  Did you notice that you started experiencing the anxiety around menopause?  A connection between the two does exist.  So what exactly is the connection between anxiety and menopause? More importantly, I bet you want to know is, how do I find relief? Unless you’ve experienced extreme anxiety, it’s hard to … Continue reading “The Connection Between Anxiety and Menopause”

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Are you ready for another year? Knowing how to make your new year’s resolutions stick can help. The upcoming year is especially exciting because we’re about to embark on a journey into a brand new decade! I’m sure you have your health and fitness goals already pegged and are ready to make a fresh start. … Continue reading “How to Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick”

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As we begin the new year let’s take inventory of how we feel.  Are you tired, sluggish?  Have you gained weight even though your diet has remained relatively the same?  Did you know that these are signs of a hormone imbalance?   Items that you use regularly may contribute to your symptoms.  Here is a list … Continue reading “Everyday Products That Could Cause Hormone Imbalance”

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The most favorite time of the year is here! Parties, shopping, caroling, baking, decorating, cooking. Holiday Bliss!  It’s all supposed to bring Joy, Peace and Good Will! Although we may appreciate the Blessings of the Season, for many it can present the most difficult and stressful time. Especially for women, who tend to be the … Continue reading “De-stress from Holiday Bliss”

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I was a bit floored; I’ll be honest with you. Recently, I created a survey entitled, “My Menopause Experience”.  I wanted to get some input and feedback from women experiencing different stages of menopause that would help me find the best ways to support them. There were three questions I asked which I was especially … Continue reading “My Menopause Experience”

magic of menopause
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There are so many myths and misconceptions about menopause.  Often times, a women’s perception of all phases of “the change” will determine her experience with it. Every woman needs to learn about the magic of menopause. Hormone Replacement Therapy is not an option for many women, due to family history or their own health issues.  … Continue reading “The Magic of Menopause: What You Need To Know”