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LuAnn Buechler
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Biographical Info LuAnn Buechler, CMP, Passionate Business Owner, Author, Transformational Speaker Passionate about everything she does. LuAnn uses her unique personality and experiences to relate to her audiences in delivering passionate presentations that inspire people to achieve the success they desire in business and in life.  As a Certified Facilitator of The Passion Test, LuAnn shares with audiences a simply yet powerful system (Saving Your Self Time Energy & Money) to determine your true passions and set a course to living your life’s destiny. As a director for BNI (Business Network International), LuAnn has built a repertoire of presentations on networking skills and relationship marketing which she uniquely relates to delivering high quality customer service. Caring is the ultimate competitive advantage.  LuAnn delivers Customer Service training with the same passion that she delivers customer service in her own event management business. When you hire LuAnn to speak at your events, you get the added value of a professional event planner. LuAnn has unique ability to capture the audience with her passionate, energetic personality. For testimonials from past participants visit And call LuAnn to discuss your next event. LuAnn is also a part of the Transformational Leadership Council working team. An organization created by Jack Canfield, best-selling author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, where transformational leaders share best practices and co-create humanitarian projects to transform the world.
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buy prednisone 10mg Who’s in Your Room? Who do you choose to surround yourself with? Are these people in your room positive and uplifting or negative? The concept is that if you lived your life in only one room and who you let into your room could never leave, would you be more selective of whom you let … Continue reading “Who is in Your Room?”

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Living Healthy List MN Boundary Waters
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As the owner of PMC Events & Coaching one of my passions is to create events that inspire people to achieve the success, they desire in life and in business.   Most often to succeed you need to get out of your comfort zone.  So I created a transformational trek in the boundary waters in Northern, … Continue reading “A Transformational Trek and The Women of the Mist”

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Are you comfortable? Is that where you really want to be? Do you feel that it is enough? We all this feeling of “living in the comfort zone”, but often it isn’t so comfortable at all. It’s familiar but not comfortable. Your body experiences two types of sensations, one is comfort and the other is … Continue reading “Get Out of Comfort Zone and Rediscover What you Love”

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What is the Key to Living a Passionate Life?  We all want to be in on that secret, don’t we?  I know I do!  It seems like some people have figured out the key and are living amazing abundant lives that we envy.  Here’s the good news.  You can have that healthy happy and fulfilled … Continue reading “The Key to Living Your Passionate Life”

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Everyone wants to live a healthy, happy, and fulfilled life. Yet, so many people try and never succeed.  Why?  Because they are not following the right formula.  What is the formula for living a passionate life? Intention – Attention – No Tension What exactly does Intention – Attention – No Tension actually mean? How to implement … Continue reading “The Formula For Living a Passionate Life”

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What is the Passion Test?  LHL Expert LuAnn Buechler, shares a brief explanation of the Passion Test and why it is so valuable to your personal wellbeing. How the tool can be used to help you get out of stuck and do what you love the most in this life. Now more than ever, you … Continue reading “What is The Passion Test”

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For huggers across America, and around the world, the struggle is real. During this period of social distancing us huggers are missing the joy that comes with physical contact. It’s hard to replace the mental and physical benefits of hugs, and how they can help us feel more connected with the people around us, but … Continue reading “Send Love with a Virtual Hug”

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LuAnn Buechler, CMP So, what does passion got to do with it? Absolutely Everything! Before you read any further I’d like for you to think about your definition of Passion? A few words that you might use could be excitement, joy, purpose, devotion, conviction motivation, exhilaration. Passion is the things you care about the most, … Continue reading “What’s Passion Got To Do With It?”