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Leia Ryan is a successful entrepreneur and business development professional specializing in direct response advertising. She has currently lead one of the largest independent sales forces in the USA. The company focuses on offering state-of-the-art green technology created in conjunction with NASA. Leia also leads a successful direct marketing businesses throughout the nation offering, anti-aging and education/resources and high-end nutraceuticals. Leia is well respected for international leadership in entrepreneurial development and business expansion.
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Do you have a washing machine? Did you know that older washing machines use up to 45 gallons of water to wash a load of laundry? Newer high-efficiency machines can use between 15-30 gallons of water to wash the same amount of clothes. Either way that’s a lot of wasted water!  What would you do … Continue reading “We Can Save Billions of Gallons of Water”

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You’ve got mold.  Yep, you do.  According to the CDC, there is always some mold and it’s everywhere – in the air and on many surfaces.  Molds have been living on Earth for millions of years- way before people populated the planet,  and they have survived that long because of one thing and one thing … Continue reading “You’ve Got Mold!”

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  “Some old fashioned things like sunshine and fresh air are hard to beat.” -Laura Ingalls Wilder   Have you ever thought about what’s really polluting your home environment? Little ones (and not so little ones) bring home all the nasty things they touch  and spread them everywhere.  Door knobs, cabinet handles and even your … Continue reading “Breathe Easy with FreshAir”