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The ability to provide Natural, Pure, and Essential oils to my family and friends has brought me such a feeling of empowerment that I want to share it with others and reintroduce people to a time tested, Natural, Pure, and Essential solution to what life throws at us.  Give it a try and I'm sure you'll feel the same way!
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2 years ago no Comment Serenity takes me away……. When I was a little girl and couldn’t sleep my mother would tell me to count sheep.  Even then it seemed like an old wives’ tale but actually there is some truth behind the story. Many years ago, sheepherders worried their sheep would run off would find relaxation by literally counting … Continue reading “Fall Asleep Naturally with Serenity”

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Argentina What looks like a lime but smells like an orange? I’ll give you a hint…Its citrus scent and distinct flavor makes Earl Grey Tea unique? It’s Bergamot! What the heck is Bergamot and where does it come from? Bergamot, citrus bergamia is a fragrant yellow-green colored fruit, the size of an orange that has a … Continue reading “Big Benefits of Bergamot”

2 years ago no Comment By Allison Burton Essential Oil Quick Tip!   This summer, if you’re like me you might find yourself basking in the sun a little too long.  If you’ve forgotten sunscreen or not use enough you could develop a minor sunburn. Here I’ll share a few natural approaches to reducing the blistering, redness and pain of … Continue reading “Natural Summertime Sunburn Relief”

Essential oils and gardening
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By Allison Burton We all enjoy beautiful robust gardens on the springtime. Somedays I find there is nothing more relaxing than sitting in your garden enjoying the vibrant colors and sweet aromas of nature. For those of us who grow and harvest our own vegetable garden, we know that it’s no small task to keep … Continue reading “A Greener Approach to Home Gardening”

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I love the feeling I get when essential oils are diffusing in my home. Many evenings I enjoy a bath with a few drops of lavender for relaxation and the invigorating scent of peppermint keeps me alert during a long day at work. Essential oils are organic compounds extracted from the bark, flower, fruit, leaf, … Continue reading “Delight Your Tastebuds by Cooking with Essential Oils”