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Since 2006, Dr. Melissa Brennan and her husband, Dr. Jarrod, have focused on caring for your entire family. Dr. Melissa has certifications in Pediatrics, Pregnancy, Webster Technique, Acupuncture, and Nutrition Response Testing. In 1997, Dr. Melissa was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. After many years of being on medications and suffering from complications (such as kidney disease, arthritis, sun sensitivity, butterfly rash, and extreme fatigue), she was motivated to find a more natural approach to treating her disease. She became a Doctor of Chiropractic in 2004 which started her on the road to a healthier, drug-free lifestyle. Today, Dr. Melissa’s lupus is in complete remission. She attributes her health to Chiropractic, Acupuncture, a Whole Food Diet, and Nutritional Supplements. She has taken what most consider an “unfortunate disease of lupus” and turned it into a huge blessing and wonderful opportunity to help others seek more natural ways to improve their health and maintain it for a lifetime.
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Welcome to video two of my series on the Do’s and Don’ts of how to keep your immune system healthy. Watch video one here. Let’s quickly recap. Your immune system is your body’s defense system.  When you feel good your immune system is doing its thing and functioning the way it’s supposed to.  But… when … Continue reading “Sleep You Way to a Healthy Immune System”

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Hey, Its Dr. Melissa Brennan! I know right now everything in life is out of balance. It seems that since our routines have all but gone out the window that our eating habits have followed.  That may be OK for a day or so but not for longevity.  Why?  Because eating food full of preservatives, … Continue reading “Sugar Can Crash Your Immune System”

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In this series on Digestive health, we have discussed alarming facts and statistics of the number of people suffering from digestive issues, why the digestive system is so important and ultimately how the digestive system works. In this article, we’ll look at the many ways to help the digestive system using natural approaches. Probiotics: These … Continue reading “Natural Approaches to Digestive Health”

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In the previous articles, I have been discussing The Importance of Digestive Health. Hopefully by now you understand that in order to have health, you have to have a healthy digestive tract. A lot of people ask me: How does the digestive system work?  Here is a simple breakdown (pun intended) of how it works: … Continue reading “Digestive Health – Part 3”

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Digestive health is one of my favorite topics to teach and is one of the main reasons people seek care in our office. I am excited to say that we have helped thousands of our patients achieve more optimal digestive health.  In my previous article I talked about the number of Americans who struggle with … Continue reading “Digestive Health & Immunity”

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Dr. Melissa Brennan, DC Did you know that 60-70 million people in the US are affected by digestive issues? And that $136 billion (with a B) are spent alone on medical care for these digestive issues? That’s more than trauma, mental health and heart disease combined! What constitutes as “digestive disease”? Here are some common … Continue reading “Digestive Issues: It’s More Than Just Tummy Troubles”

Love Coffee
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Melissa Brennan, DC, FICPA  forward by Denise Stegall Ah, the proverbial question, “Is Coffee Bad for You”?  The answer when it comes to the traditional cup of java is… there are some reasons to drink coffee and other reasons, not to.  Which in itself provides us with a constant dilemma “to drink or not to … Continue reading “A Healthy Alternative to Coffee”