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Michelle Boss
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Michelle Boss is a Personal Finance Coach and Certified Financial Education Instructor. She is certified through the NFEC. As a Professional Money Coach, Michelle helps successful women get smart with money so they can grow their wealth and finally feel financially secure. With Michelle’s Group and One-to-one Coaching Sessions, she helps take the Fear out of Finances.
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Fall is harvest: a time of abundance.  However, oftentimes during this time of the year with busy schedules and windy, frigid weather, we can feel drained and depleted.  As we shift into Autumn here in the Northern Hemisphere, this is a great opportunity to step back and re-set our mindsets and habits in order to … Continue reading “Thrive with a New Season & Chance to Re-Set”

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 WHICH PROFESSIONAL SERVICE DO YOU NEED? “What do you do?” I’m often met with a confused look among business mentors, associates at networking events, and friends who don’t quite grasp, at first, exactly what a Personal Finance Coach or Money Coach  does. I have one family member, in full-fledged support, disappointed because he had just … Continue reading “Money Coach versus Financial Advisor?”

Are you ready for the next disaster?
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Do you realize that there are a plethora of natural disasters, the threat of rolling energy blackouts, and other unforeseen financial emergencies that threaten your financial security every day? It’s not a matter of if it will happen, but when it will happen. Are you prepared? Most people are not assuming that these things cannot … Continue reading “Are you ready for the next disaster?”

The Money Boss | Financial Freedom
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Celebrating America’s Birthday this month and in the theme of freedom, Michelle Boss, Personal Finance Coach & Educator, discusses Financial Freedom as a guest of Kornelia Stephanie on The Millionaire Imprint for Women on Transformation Talk Radio. The term financial freedom is used a lot, but what does that mean?   Michelle and Kornelia discuss … Continue reading “Reaching Financial Freedom”

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By Michelle Boss What are the Key Components of a Sound Financial Foundation? This is interview #2 in a 3 part series featuring The Money Boss on the Kornelia Stephanie Show. Creating a Sound Financial Foundation includes 4 Key Components: Protect, Save, Build Credit and Manage Debt.  We discuss where to start, and what to … Continue reading “Creating a Sound Financial Foundation”

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Michelle Boss, aka “The Money Boss,” is a Personal Finance Coach, Author, and Blogger, video intro by Denise Stegall We all understand the importance of saving money and planning for the future.  According to CNBC, however, 75% of Americans are winging it when it comes to their financial future. That doesn’t seem like a smart decision.  … Continue reading “Your #1 Financial Decision”

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