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Michelle Boss is a Personal Finance Coach and Certified Financial Education Instructor. She is certified through the NFEC. As a Professional Money Coach, Michelle helps successful women get smart with money so they can grow their wealth and finally feel financially secure. With Michelle’s Group and One-to-one Coaching Sessions, she helps take the Fear out of Finances.
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http://fruixstorage.co.uk/home-06-02/ There are the 4 financial foundation essentials that many people overlook before spending big money on investing or buying a home. As many of us in the U.S. have a third round of stimulus money coming, and perhaps even a tax refund this month, it’s critical to make sure you have these 4 areas covered … Continue reading “The 4 Financial Foundation Essentials”

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noticeably This year for Valentine’s Day, give yourself some love and self-care via attention towards your finances. Here are some how-to ideas. Your personal finances are likely not the first thing you think of when you hear self-care.  Coming out of a year like 2020, self-care is a term that is both over-used, but cannot be … Continue reading “Self-Care for Your Personal Finances”

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buy neurontin online overnight If 2020 has taught us one thing, it’s that financial preparedness cannot be underrated!  Yes, time and time again once we get past the cash shortfall or job loss and things start to look steady again, preparing is no longer on the forefront.  What I am excited about for 2021 is a new way of … Continue reading “2021 Financial Preparedness Cannot be Underrated”

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My aunts are some of the most caring, thoughtful women I know.  All of my life they never cease to amaze me with their unexpected greetings and surprises that show up in different ways.  They always make me feel cared for, loved and genuinely special. Above all other gifts they have bestowed on me it’s … Continue reading “Thoughtfulness and How to Rethink Gift-Giving”

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No one really likes to talk about their finances.  I think it’s because most of us don’t really understand the basics of finances.  Along with a basic understanding of your finances comes clarity and with that good decision making. You should know how much you get paid from your job; it gets laid out clearly … Continue reading “Bring Clarity and Organization to Your Finances”

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In honor of National Pizza Month in October,  I’m sharing tips for healthy eating on a budget. Pizza is one of my all-time favorite foods, so don’t worry, I’m not recommending you cut it out of your diet!  While coupon clipping and watching ad prices can be effective money saving strategies, this article provides many … Continue reading “Tips for Healthy Eating on a Budget”

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Since September is National Yoga month, it’s the perfect opportunity to talk about the tie between yoga and personal finances.  Really?  Yes. I’m a Personal Finance Coach, Educator, and Financial Wellness expert here on Living Healthy List.  In practice for over 25 years, I’ve had a life long love affair with yoga.  As a fan … Continue reading “The Tie Between Yoga & Personal Finances”

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Green Energy: The New Gold There is a modern-day gold rush happening in California right now, and it’s in the green energy sector.  Acres of solar farms and supporting infrastructure needed to harness green energy production are sprouting up like weeds.  There is one area in Southern California in particular that is positioned as the … Continue reading “How to Invest in the The Green Energy Trend”

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Celebrating Financial Freedom For years now my kids have spent the Fourth of July with their grandparents and dad.  It’s a “kid-free” few days for me.  I have the freedom to choose how I want to celebrate.  My tradition is doing whatever I feel like doing each year! Whatever the plans, Independence Day is always … Continue reading “Your Financial Freedom Wellness Quiz”

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YOUR HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR TO SELF-SUFFICIENCY – SCORE! Oh, how time flies!  This time last year my step-daughter was a high school senior. I watched her diligently put on makeup in front of a huge ring of light in preparation for her senior trip to Disneyland. The bus was leaving at 4:30 am.  It was … Continue reading “Transition Your HS Senior to Live Independently”