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Hope McCann
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Greetings, my name is Hope and I am the founder of Trinfinity Wellness, LLC. I am a career Registered Nurse, Clinical Certified Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, and more recently, a Trinfinity8TM  Practitioner. In my nursing journey, I have always been very familiar with the importance of healing touch and sharing healing energy to promote positive outcomes for my patients and their loved ones.
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By Hope McCann, RN Hate to meditate? I am right with you. I make it part of my “to do” list every day but most of the time meditating, ( like exercise ) is somehow often left undone and moved to the list for the next day! Every so often, first thing in the morning … Continue reading “Make a Meditation Practice your Plan B”

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Have you ever thought that there must easier way to feel emotionally better? To have a fuller life without divulging your painful traumas to a stranger through endless hours of talk therapy? Then you are not alone. I have had that same thought after I spent precious time and few financial resources on talk therapy, … Continue reading “A Better Way to Feeling Good through Hypnosis”