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Take a few yoga classes and you may find yourself addicted to that post-practice high. Do you wonder how you can get more of that feeling? Especially now if your favorite studio hasn’t reopened following the pandemic lockdown. While elevating your practice can take time and hard work,  it doesn’t have to be expensive. You … Continue reading “Save Money on Your Home Yoga Practice”

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All month I’ve been talking about romance more specifically the love affair that you have with yourself. ie. self-love and how the relationship you have with yourself can lead to happiness.  Did you know that the things you say can enhance that relationship or detract from it?  Let’s talk about 3 phrases to remove from … Continue reading “3 Phrases to Remove from your vocabulary”

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 Understanding Mental Health As a Medical Doctor and Psychiatry Resident with degrees in Psychology, Physiology, and Medicine/Surgery, Dr. Kieran Kennedy is a respected health and wellness advocate who holds a passion for furthering the mental and physical health of the modern man and woman. Kieran sees first hand the importance of a balanced view of … Continue reading “Men Struggle with Mental Health Issues, too!”

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If you’ve ever had to persuade your husband, father, brother, or adult son to visit the doctor, eat better or exercise more you’re not alone. When it comes to health men are from Mars!  How else can you explain the denial, machismo, and innate ability to endure pain without complaint? When it comes to men’s … Continue reading “When it Comes to Health Men Are From Mars”

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Expert Interview: How to Avoid Temporary Sexual Dysfunctions   Sexual dysfunctions are not always easy to deal with emotionally. But, did you know that some of the most common sexual issues could actually be temporary? In fact, in some cases, sexual issues like erectile dysfunction (ED), premature ejaculation (PE), diminished sex drive, and delayed ejaculation … Continue reading “Lifestyle can Help you Avoid Sexual Dysfunction”

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Your gut and its inhabitants, the microorganisms that make up your gut microbiome have many key functions that influence your overall health. A healthy gut microbiome is important for men and women of all ages and something to take into consideration when it comes to your lifestyle and dietary choices.  I bet you’ve never thought … Continue reading “Feed Your Beneficial Bacteria”

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Recently I gave a mini-training during a live conversation with the National Wellness Institute (NWI), I spoke about how to Befriend Fear and Embody Love. The short-n-sweet: HOW TO BEFRIEND FEAR = “R.A.D.” APPROACH:   R = Recognize Continuum (Ladder) of States of Be-ing We DO have choices of what we experience; Love…………and……………..Fear A = Awareness … Continue reading “How to Befriend Fear and Embody Love”

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You’ve got questions, and we’ve got answers! Radio host Christopher Roberts,  recently interviewed me on Business Talk Radio.  He wanted to understand who were are at Living Healthy List was and what we were all about. I was excited about this interview on Business Talk Radio because they are is located in Hauppage, New York, which … Continue reading “Living Healthy List on Business Talk Radio”

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Are you excited for the holidays? They are approaching fast! If you are like the many people, I’ve been talking to lately you may not be looking forward to them; maybe even dreading them. Do you remember counting down the days till Christmas or Hanukkah when you were a kid? I certainly do. The holidays … Continue reading “Ever Wonder About Doing the Holidays Differently?”

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Drs. Jarrod and Melissa Brennan  What is QNRT? Imagine how different life would be if your brain was balanced, less stressed and unburdened by negative patterns. QNRT, Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy is based on the foundational principle that the Brain and the Nervous System control and coordinate all functions of the body. Any unresolved emotional … Continue reading “Your Brain: Balanced, Less Stressed and Unburdened with QNRT”