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Lisa Medley, MA, CMT serves as an Embodiment Guide. She is passionate about guiding others to feel more comfortable in their own skin, so they can thrive, shine their light, and illuminate a better world! Learn more
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4 weeks ago no Comment

Did you know that your body is essentially an ocean walking on land? Where is all this fluid potential? In your over 600 muscles, over 200 joints, the cerebrospinal fluid within your brain and spinal cord, and a web of fluid-based connective tissue that surrounds EVERYTHING. It is common to view the body as solid and … Continue reading “Be Free and Move Like Water”

4 months ago no Comment

Hey, everybody, it’s Lisa Medley and I am here to share with you a really simple tip and trick to release tension in your upper shoulders and neck. Got the weight of the world on your shoulders? Is your neck up in your ears? Try this simple self-care technique to increase ease and reduce tension. … Continue reading “Reduce Shoulder Tension in 5 Minutes”

7 months ago no Comment

BUT I DON’T WANT TO GO TO THE GYM! Guess what? You don’t have to. Unless you *want* to. This pleading refrain came from a client who wanted to increase her energy, had redefined “exercise,” wanted to move, and then felt completely overwhelmed with HOW to do it. In the past, she had joined a … Continue reading “But I Don’t Want to Go to the Gym!”

9 months ago no Comment

Lets me begin by saying, “I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions”.  The notion of them gets lost in cultural pressure, obligation, and ” shoulds”. I’m all for resolving to be the best version of myself by carving out time to create intentions and set goals, but how and when I go about that is … Continue reading “Tips for Sustainable New Years Resolutions”

10 months ago no Comment

  It is early November and that means the holidays are upon us. I imagine you have already seen Thanksgiving, Christmas, and related decorations in stores, likely before Halloween. Today my son asked for a donut with red and green sprinkles to get ready for Christmas (!) I was talking with a client the other … Continue reading “3 Ways to Minimize the Holly-daze”

12 months ago no Comment

Hiding how tired, I mean exhausted you are? I understand; I’ve been there. One of my clients recently shared with me that she is taking two weeks off. Yippee! I applauded her for two reasons: 1) she created two weeks to restore herself and; 2) she told the truth to herself (finally) that not only is … Continue reading “Hiding How Tired (Exhausted) You Are?”

1 year ago no Comment

By Lisa Medley, MA, CMT The act of comparing oneself – including one’s body – is human. Comparison is essentially identifying two or more items to establish similarities or differences. On a basic survival level, it can serve as a safety mechanism. What is similar is known, therefore safe; what is different is unknown, potentially … Continue reading “Lose the Weight of Comparison”

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By Lisa Medley, MS If so… You are missing out on all of your brilliance.   The thing with using “only” your head to make decisions – mundane or profound – is that not all your thoughts belong to you. You – and everyone – are programmed to think certain ways from an early age. … Continue reading “Are You Using Only Your Head to Make Decisions”