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Letticia Callies
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Letticia is a joy-filled Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, who is passionate about promoting the natural healing capabilities of the body using essential oils and lifestyle changes as a means to achieving abundant health and wellness. She is NAHA certified and certified in the French Method, which is the internal use of essential oils. Her strong communication skills and empathetic nature serve as an avenue for building trust and openness with her clients. She focuses on identifying the root cause of the issue within the context of the whole person including lifestyle, stress levels, and diet. She is known for saying “Choose JOY” because when life gets hards, a JOY mindset has been her saving grace and it has served as a means of inspiration and encouragement for her clients, family, and friends.
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Welcome to another edition of the Freedom 20/20 Series where I talk about how to find freedom and joy in laughter. The other day I stopped to “Be ” in the moment. My 4-year old daughter managed to make a ninja costume using layers of clothes, a glow stick for nunchucks, and a Hello Kitty … Continue reading “Find Freedom and Joy in Laughter”

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I want to continue my Living Healthy List Freedom Series by focusing on Freedom in Forgiveness. Forgiveness is a touchy topic it hurts. Yes, I am going there. Why? When someone hurts you what you may not realize is that when you refuse to forgive you are actually hurting yourself, not the person you refuse … Continue reading “Freedom in Forgiveness”

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Hindsight is 20/20 is a popular saying that basically means it is easier to understand something after it has happened. I wonder how many of us live in this hindsight 2020 mode?  Do we live in our past weighed down by regret, guilt, or shame?  Instead, isn’t it more productive to take the time to … Continue reading “Prayer for Better Future Choices”

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How do you plan to start the new decade? Why not kick it off with a bang? After all, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” –  Neale Donald Walch. Life outside your comfort zone won’t require you to jump out of a plane, but it will require you to go against the … Continue reading “2020 Comfort Zone Challenge”

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Massages are often thought of as a luxury. You get the chance to escape from the chaos of your everyday life and capture a moment of relaxation. But what many may not realize is that massage therapy not only provides an escape but a wealth of health benefits. As I continue on my educational journey, … Continue reading “Escape with Massage for Better Health”

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Have you got mind fog? Feeling groggy, low energy, unmotivated? Are you looking at your task list wondering where you will muster up the energy to get even one task done? Another cup of coffee, perhaps? You’ll try anything to ditch the mind fog. Am I right?  With six kiddos, a home business, homeschool, fundraising, … Continue reading “Ditch the Mind Fog”

hit the snooze button
7 months ago no Comment

Why are you hitting your alarm clock? Are you trying to start a fight first thing in the morning? Are struggling with getting up in the morning? Do you hit the snooze button over an over again? You are not alone. I struggle for sure. But every time I have hit the snooze button, I … Continue reading “Don’t Hit the Snooze Button and Feel Better”

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In my years of supporting clients with health and wellness, one of the top lifestyle changes that is difficult to stick with is exercise. Most people ditch their exercise routine because they lack motivation or because they are too sore to move. Many people give up before they can see or feel the results of … Continue reading “Boost Your Workout”

9 months ago no Comment

By Letticia Callies Ahhh…summer is here! I crave this time of year in Minnesota because for a short four to six weeks my body is able to completely thaw out before the cool of fall comes in and blasts a chill into my bones. As a native Floridian, the cold and I just don’t jive. … Continue reading “Keeping Allergies at Bay”

10 months ago no Comment

 By Letticia Callies It was a warm, sunny day in August 2017. My husband and I were enjoying a cup of tea and basking in the moment of sheer silence in our home. We were commenting on how all six of our children were getting along so well. Before we could finish the thought, we … Continue reading “From Trauma to Healing with Aromatherapy”