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Men Struggle with Mental Health Issues, too!


 Understanding Mental Health

As a Medical Doctor and Psychiatry Resident with degrees in Psychology, Physiology, and Medicine/Surgery, Dr. Kieran Kennedy is a respected health and wellness advocate who holds a passion for furthering the mental and physical health of the modern man and woman.

Kieran sees first hand the importance of a balanced view of health and happiness by focusing on the inner as much as the outer. Through his clinical, media, and fitness work he believes in the importance of sustaining a well-balanced lifestyle to assist in improving and maintaining overall health.

Dr. Kieran’s mission is to promote health and wellbeing on the inside as well as out, alongside breaking down barriers and stereotypes linked to talking about and seeking help for our health of mind and mental illness.

In this video, Dr.Kieran addresses the questions that we need to know in order to recognize and support the people in our lives who may be struggling with mental illnesses.


Some of those questions are:
  1. Mental health issues can be hard to really understand if you haven’t experienced them yourself. Can you help us better understand mental health issues?
  2. Depression vs other mental health issues?
  3. How do mental health issues affect men?
  4. Three things we need to look for when it comes to mental health

Please watch Dr. Kieran in this video.  You may learn something new that can save someone from a lot of pain and suffering.

Learn more about Dr. Kieran Kennedy, here!



June is Men’s  Health Month! We have focused on men’s issues from the perspective of what the women in their lives need to know.  From Mindest to testicular cancer, mental health to prostate cancer you’ll find answers and experts here at Living Healthy List to help you on your path to Healthy Living, Happy Life!  Check out our Wonder Series Conversation: When it comes to health mean are from Mars.

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