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Its Never Too Late To De-clutter Your Space

Personal Development

It’s never too late to de-clutter your space.  For years Leanne Pruett was not a natural organizer, quiet the opposite she was a clutter queen!

That was until she realizes that clutter was affecting her life in ways she had never expected.  When people would come over she would throw clutter into the closet and hide dirty dishes/pots and pans in the oven.  And, as she says… it worked until it didn’t.  That’s when she started to change her habits and mindset around her space to finally get her home decluttered.

Now Leanne is on a mission to help entrepreneurs and other on-the-go people simplify decluttering so that it no longer blocks their momentum and keeps them from the things they really want in life.

In this interview with Lorraine Hoving of the Never Too Late Ever Podcast Leanne tells about her cluttered years, how she changed her mindset and gives us a few tips on how to start decluttering ourselves.

Listen to the Podcast interview here!



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