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In Every Day Life There is a Cause for Pause



I had surgery at the beginning of February. I had a total hysterectomy which will throw me into Menopause. And it got me thinking about what that means. Interestingly enough, Menopause stands for the end of the women’s menstrual cycle. Yet the word used is “Pause”.

What I really have felt so far is the need to “pause” my life. Maybe it’s a time to take a pause in one’s life to feel, to know ourselves.   Let’s call it a  cause to pause.  I took time for me, for healing, for rejuvenating. This is often hard for us to do. Especially someone like me. I’m the Energizer Bunny, I am constantly going and pushing myself.

However, what I was also reminded of is that there is no one else in this world who is pushing me. The only stress on me, I place on myself. All the expectations on me, I place on me. I can take a pause in life for healing, and more now after major surgery. I can do it every day. Pause and think before acting every day, in every moment, through meditation and other methodologies to slow down and just be present.


Slow Down

All too often we slow down and take care of ourselves only after an extreme situation or event. When in reality we have the power, the right, and the will to do it each and every day. And we need to. Only from a place of peace and calm, can we make good decisions or in other words decisions we feel good about and confident in. Yes, this the real cause to pause!

Fighting against that which is society’s norm to be overly busy and working hard in order to supposedly get ahead is the struggle we engage in. Yet, we get better results when we take pause to evaluate our life, choosing in favor of our true needs, values, and passions.

My sister-in-law said to me, “You need to take care of yourself, think about how much you mean to so many people.” It touched me so deeply and reminded me, we need to take time to pause and enjoy the life we have. Quit struggling for the life someone else thinks we should have.

Life is about joy and love, who we have loved, and how we have loved them. That’s what counts.

Pause and think about it!

With love and passion, LuAnn

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