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I Can Probably Do That – Mindhacking with Matt Hale


I Can Probably Do That!

Have you ever been hypnotized or are you one of those people who see it on TV or on stage and you don’t believe it?  My guest today once saw it done on stage and he thought, ” I can probably do that!”  And he does!

Matt’s “I can probably do that” mindset has opened doors and opportunities for a fun and exciting career starting when he was just 15 years old.

Matt Hale is a Comedy Hypnotist, DJ, and Mindhacks Speaker.  He is also the author of the number 1 bestseller book ‘Mindhacking Happiness’.  Recently, UK bookmakers William Hill officially issued odds of 1000/1 of him replacing Daniel Craig as the next James Bond!  I’m not kidding! He talks about it in his TEDx talk called “Power of Probably”).

Getting to know Matt during our interview I was so impressed by his ease, candor, and comedy.  He’s a funny guy!

Matt’s experience it’s a hypnotist has given him a deep understanding of how the mind works and is attuned to how you can manipulate your mind to think in a different way.

During our conversation, we talk about a new pattern of thinking and how that can help you to maneuver our new normal and create happiness in your life.  So,  in honor of Men’s Health Month, I want to share our interview because we know that no one is immune to the challenges we are facing and men are more likely to take on burdens without complaint.


Catch our Interview Here!


We are living in extremely uncertain times – different people will struggle with different aspects of life during these times.

In response to the current uncertain times, Matt’s released a range of free resources to help you to cope with anxiety relief, relationships during isolation, and better sleep.

My aim is to provide assistance to help you with coping during these times.

For additional reading on how to live a more meaningful and enjoyable life during times of uncertainty. Click here!

You can also connect with Matt on Social Media:

Facebook/Instagram @hypnohale
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hypnohale/

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