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How to Incorporate Good Foods into your Busy Day


Recommit to a healthier way of eating and living and learn how to incorporate good foods into your busy day.

Eating well can be a challenge when you are busy. But there are lots of easy ways to eat a balanced diet that keeps your body and brain happy and healthy. One idea that can really help you incorporate goods foods into your day that makes healthy eating easier is batch cooking.


How to Batch Cook

Simply prepare a few staples (many of my clients use their Sunday afternoon): a few portions of roasted vegetables, lentils, quinoa or wholegrain rice, a batch of energy balls, overnight oats, and even a smoothie or two (did you know that smoothies freeze well?) You will reduce waste and always have something healthy available to eat!

Many people never eat breakfast. And that’s OK. Yes, I encourage everybody to eat a balanced and healthy breakfast but if you can’t stomach anything but a cup of tea, that’s fine. I don’t think it makes any sense to eat when you are not hungry. But if you are a ‘breakfast avoider’, be prepared for the 11:00 cravings!

That’s the time when you are super busy and preparation will help you to eat well. Make a portion of unsweetened microwave porridge or,  if you have the time, prepare some eggs. Scrambled, poached, or an omelette, throw in some fresh spinach or tomatoes or even some smoked salmon – the variations are endless!

For lunch, you can simply use one of your veg portions from your batch cooking. Add it to some fresh spinach or rocket leaves, some tomatoes or cucumber and you have a great lunch, use balsamic vinegar and olive oil as a dressing and sprinkle some mixed seeds on top for additional protein. A lot better than anything from the supermarket!


Snack Attack

For most of us, the time between breakfast and lunch is shorter than the time between lunch and dinner. In the afternoon, I would suggest reaching for some protein rather than a biscuit – try natural yoghurt with a piece of fruit and some pumpkin seeds sprinkled on top. It will fill you up nicely and will help to keep your energy levels even.  With a little planning, it is easy to incorporate these good foods into your day.   Check out this recent Living Healthy Lits article on Good Food.

Don’t forget to keep hydrated! Your body and brain benefit greatly from regular water or any other unsweetened drink to function at its best.

For dinner, there’s an easy rule – if you can, eat early. If you eat late, eat light.

It’s a myth that you gain weight from eating late but your body needs some time to digest food, else your sleep can be disrupted. If you eat a steak and chips at 21:00 and go to bed at 22:30, chances are that you don’t sleep well. If you have to eat late, try a light vegetarian dish or a piece of fish.

Both can be digested easier and quicker than red meat. If you prefer meat, go for poultry with a good helping of greens. A bit of planning goes a long way and makes it a lot easier to eat well when you are busy!


Go well!


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