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How to Befriend Fear and Embody Love


Recently I gave a mini-training during a live conversation with the National Wellness Institute (NWI), I spoke about how to Befriend Fear and Embody Love.

The short-n-sweet:



R = Recognize Continuum (Ladder) of States of Be-ing

We DO have choices of what we experience; Love…………and……………..Fear

A = Awareness of Current Experience: 

Without judgment, how are you feeling? And if you are experiencing fear or some version of that…

D = Discern Source of Fear

Are you in a life or death situation? Is there a fire? Is the sky falling? Are you worried, ruminating, or in a negative spiral about the past or future? Did you forget to wash your hands after you came home from an errand? Is there someone(s) in your life whose health is precarious – or even yours?

It’s OK to feel scared. And sad, angry, joyful, and ALL of who you be.

AND…if you hang out in fear too long, so that is becoming a constant companion, rather than an experience you befriend, you are negatively impacting your health and life.  You need to navigate through the tough times to more positive thoughts.

We want to remember how to befriend fear and embody love.


You can do something about it!


Choose another state of being on the continuum; choose another rung on the ladder. Even if for a brief moment or for only one breath. I know that is sometimes all we can do.

If you’d like to watch the whole conversation (37+ minutes), check it out here:

TIP: Go to 30:25 minutes on the video for a 5-minute “Embody Love” practice-guided relaxation/visualization.

Love is a choice, Love is a practice,  Love. Is. All. There. Is!



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