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A Bad Haircut taught Me How to Ask for What I Want This Holiday Season

Personal Development

What does a bad haircut have to do with asking for what you want this holiday season?

Earlier this year my regular hairstylist gave me a terrible haircut.  I’d texted her a photo of myself from a few years prior in which my hair looked great. (At least I thought so!)

On the day of my appointment, I’d forgotten my phone in the car so I didn’t have the photo with me.  My stylist said that she’d seen the photo so I didn’t go over with her what I wanted.

Bad idea!  She cut 4 inches off the bottom and layered my bobbed hairstyle.  In the picture, my hair was actually longer, not shorter!

So, at that moment, tears rolling down my cheeks I realized that I’d learned a great lesson and vowed from that moment on I’d always ask for what I wanted.

Why is it so hard to ask for what you want?  How can anyone else know what you want if you don’t tell them?  You only end up disappointed if you don’t.  Why then do we avoid asking for what we want out of the Holidays? ( and I don’t mean presents.)

When you ask for what you want (or need) during the holidays you will  feel more grounded, in control, and truly experience the joys of the season.

Hear more in the video below.

Wait.. there’s more.  We’re going to answer your questions live on December 10th and give you more ways to make this the best holiday ever!  Join us here!


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