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Here’s a shot of courage!

Personal Development

The way I see it, there are two kinds of courage. One starts as a reaction. You respond to an emergency or a situation almost instinctively. It’s why someone puts themselves at risk to save another.

The other type of courage starts as an intention. A conscious decision is made and a goal or a dream is pursued. This is how businesses get started, bad relationships are left and airplanes get jumped out of.

There can often be many phases to reaching a big, gutsy goal. But in my experience the same first step is required, no matter what the ambition. And that first step is to declare it.

For many of us this is a hard thing to do. It may feel impossible or scary. It may feel as though saying it out loud is somehow an act of betrayal, whether to someone else or your old way of life. Well, I am about to make it easier for you.

I’m Sheree Clark, a midlife courage coach and I’ve created a Midlife Courage Kit to help you get some traction. To help your get your moxie and make that first step, without fear of losing face or pulling the trigger too soon. The details are all right here

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