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Get off unnecessary medications this year


It surprises people when they find out that I am a pharmacist who helps patients get OFF medications. Now, medications definitely have their place. If I am having a stroke or a heart attack, I want you to take me to the hospital and give me medications. But, there are many times where medications are just not needed.  Taking unnecessary medications may do more harm than good.

Do you take medications? What do you take them for? Have you discussed with your prescriber all the options to treat your condition – medication options and non-medication options?

Many women I talk to feel stuck taking medications. They don’t like the idea of taking a pill every day or they are dealing with side effects. But they have been told that the medication is their ONLY option. I especially tend to see this happen with hormonal contraceptives (birth control). Young women tell me that their personality has changed, they feel uncomfortable, or they just don’t want to take synthetic hormones, but they have been told it is the only real effective way to prevent pregnancy.


What if this is the year you get un-stuck? 



When is the last time you had your entire regimen (prescription medications, over-the-counter medications, vitamins, supplements) reviewed? Have you spoken with a doctor of pharmacy about the medications you currently take?


Too often your doctor puts you on medication and then never reviews it again. If you as a patient aren’t outright complaining about side effects, then the doctor may feel like everything is working well. And maybe it is. Or maybe it would be worth trying a period without the medication. 

Every situation is unique. It may be completely appropriate for one person to cut back on their diabetes medications and it could be unsafe for another person to cut back the same medications. The thing is, you know your body best, you are the one who deals with both the positive and negative effects of the medications you take, and you deserve to be in charge of your health.

What if 2021 is your best year yet because it is the year you stand up and say you would like to make a change? 

Take action now and go talk to your pharmacist about your medications. The first step is to make a list of everything you take. You can get a free medication list template here!  To book an appointment or to learn more about me connect with me here!

Free yourself from unnecessary medications and live your best life in 2021!

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