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  • Facilitate Change
  • Improving Interpersonal Skills
  • Optimizing Problem Solving Skills
  • Personal Productivity
  • Improving Leadership
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Lisa Pepper-Satkin

The importance of understanding the difference between a coach and a therapist and why it’s important to hire mindfully.

In the mid-2000’s I answered my internal call to move from my traditional therapy practice to that of an Executive Therapeutic Coach. A change that fully embodied and reflected my passion for assisting others. A change that enables me to help individuals like yourself on their journey to a more fulfilling business and personal life. Let me explain!

I entered the world of the professional psychotherapist, hoping to aid others in finding and expressing their authentic selves. My dream, like that of so many others, was to facilitate, guide, and compassionately assist those seeking to work through the blocks that inhibited them from living a full and happier life. In some measure, I achieved this. Something was missing, though. In reality, I was faced with the continuous pressures and frustrations of working with insurance bureaucracies and managing unrelenting paperwork of managed care.

I wanted to find a more impactful way to support and elevate my client’s growth.

Traditional therapeutic methods are too focused on the treatment of the negative aspects of the human condition.  It does not focus on the potential for brilliance and achievement, an equal part of the distinctly social fabric. I further recognized that when I stressed empowerment and helped someone concentrate on what they could do, focusing on their strengths, the improvements were often dramatic!

During this time I found myself often thinking about my entrepreneurial side. My father was a successful businessman and had fostered in me a distinct pleasure in watching his business grow. He taught me many things that I have used in launching my businesses.

It occurred to me that I could blend the modalities of therapeutic guidance with the lessons of entrepreneurship to create a different coaching paradigm. And so, I began the process of integrating the two. I had found the path for integrating the two, with the resulting fusion being what I term “Executive Therapeutic Coaching.”

I love working with C-Suite executives, business leaders, and entrepreneurs just like you!  If you are:

  • Already successful in many regards.
  • Desire to achieve more.
  • Understand the value of building good habits.

You have the strength to move forward, to rise above perceived limitations, to forge an even better, a more authentic, and a more successful you!

I will be a guide and help facilitate your next growth stage by:
  • Providing Encouragement
  • Facilitating Change
  • Unlocking Empathy
  • Improving Interpersonal Skills
  • Boosting Intuition
  • Re-framing Priorities
  • Optimizing Problem Solving Skills
  • Empowering Your Staff
  • Enhanced Planning
  • Boosting Personal Productivity
  • Improving Leadership

Feel free to call me! I can inspire you, as I have other business owners, entrepreneurs, and executives. Your life can be improved by taking the challenge. Let’s imagine the unimaginable together!


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Executive Therapeutic Coaching