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  • Aromatherapy
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Letticia Callies

Health, Wellness, & Personal Development

Letticia is a joy-filled Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, who is passionate about promoting the natural healing capabilities of the body using essential oils and lifestyle changes as a means to achieving abundant health and wellness. She is NAHA certified and certified in the French Method, which is the internal use of essential oils. Her strong communication skills and empathetic nature serve as an avenue for building trust and openness with her clients. She focuses on identifying the root cause of the issue within the context of the whole person including lifestyle, stress levels, and diet. She is known for saying “Choose JOY” because when life gets hards, a JOY mindset has been her saving grace and it has served as a means of inspiration and encouragement for her clients, family, and friends.

Letticia holds a Masters Degree in Communication and incorporates multiple methods of
communication in her wellness education and training classes. After years of developing and
teaching personal and professional development classes to professional athletes in the NBA
Development League, she continued to pursue her passion for helping others by developing
multiple classes and programs to promote natural wellness including stress awareness and stress management, detoxing your home, life balance, mindset, mental wellness, and more. She enjoys working alongside both holistic and medical healthcare providers to collaborate on integrative approaches to support patients.

Letticia is the founder and president of JOYfull Inspirations, LLC where her mission is wellness, charity, and life. She is also works at Rochester Clinic where she supports patients and CHIP participants with aromatherapy care and education. She develops individualized wellness care plans and essential oil formulations for clients ranging from babies to seniors. Everyone is different, so there is no “one oil fits all” with her care. She offers individual consultations in person or virtually and she makes it a priority to provide personalized care regardless of the distance. She provides a broad range of areas for support including sleep, energy, focus, gut health, DIY essential oil budget busters, mindset, fitness, stress, skin support, hormonal balance, healthy weight, detoxifying your home, personal development, mental wellness, the “I need to get through my day” support, and more.

Letticia is a wife to her best friend for over 18 years. She is a homeschooling teacher to her six children. She is the Challenge A director for the Rochester Classical Conversations Community. She prioritizes self-care daily and some of her favorites are family outings, trying different teas, hand lettering, flipping through a magazine, or browsing Hobby Lobby, Barnes and Noble, or cooking shops.


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JOYfull Inspirations