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  • Water Purification
  • Ph Balanced Water
  • Air Purification - NASA
  • Hydrogen Water Ionization
  • Laundry Pure - NASA
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Leia Ryan

Air Purification
Water Ionized Purification
Laundry Pure NO soap

Leia Ryan is a successful entrepreneur and business development professional and has worked with Vollara for 30 years.  Her mission is to empower your health and dream.  Leia specializes in Health and Wellness Toxicant Protection Technologies and currently leads one of the largest independent sales forces in the USA.  Vollara focuses on state-of-the-art Health and Wellness Technologies created in conjunction with NASA and has been named a Space Technology Hall of Fame Honoree.

Leia also leads a successful direct marketing business throughout the world offering, anti-aging and education/resources, and high-end nutraceuticals. Leia is well respected for international leadership in entrepreneurial development and business expansion.

Active Pure Technology

Living Water



Business Name

Dynamic Pollutions Systems