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  • Natural Approaches to Health
  • Medication Therapy Management
  • Natural Family Planning
  • Standard Days Method
  • Marquette Model
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Emily Kirkwold

Emily empowers women to care for and love the bodies God gave them through natural family planning instruction and comprehensive medication reviews.

She has a Doctorate of Pharmacy, and she is certified in the Standard Days Method and the Marquette Model of natural family planning. In addition, she is a board-certified pharmacotherapy specialist and has a certificate in medication therapy management.

Emily is the founder and CEO of NFP Pharmacist, where she sees patients and speaks on natural family planning and natural approaches to health.

Emily is married to her husband Ben and they live in the northwest suburbs of Minneapolis with their two children, Henry and Amelia. She loves to run with other women in her neighborhood, drink coffee with almond milk and coconut oil, and have dance parties with her kids


Business Name

NFP Pharmacist