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  • Personal Nutrition Coaching
  • Award Winning Retreats
  • Corporate Nutrition Adviser
  • Keynote Speaker
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Carola Becker


Carola Becker is a passionate certified Nutritional Therapist, Sports Nutrition Advisor, and online Course Creator.  She is the proud founder of Life is Good Nutrition and she designs personalized nutrition plans based on her successful system.

Carola is a keynote speaker and presenter who works with corporations as a Nutrition Advisor, and delivers presentations about Nutrition. She is a member of the complementary therapies team at Exeter University.  In addition, Carola also runs luxury wellbeing retreats in the most stunning locations all over the world.

Carola personally looks after a small number of clients worldwide with her Exclusive Personal Nutrition Coaching.

It’s all about what makes you tick: discover the ultimate way to regain your energy levels, support your body and brain – and simply feel fantastic!

Read  Carola’s recent article on Why Nutrition is Vital for Mental Health.

Get your copy of Carola’s Brain Foods Recipe Book Here!


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The Nutrition Coach