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Brooke Muenzenberger


Hi, I’m Brooke. I grew up on a farm outside of La Crosse, Wisconsin. As a kid throwing hay bales, feeding calves, milking cows, and tons of other farming aspects were a big part of my life. I also played softball and volleyball, so never in a million years did I think that I would ever step in a weight room.
That was until the summer after 8th grade. One of my gym teachers bet me that I couldn’t lift a bar and squat it. I laughed at him because I knew that I could and I didn’t think that I needed to lift weights to get stronger. As soon as he turned his back, I picked up the bar and squatted.

That’s when the gym rat in me started coming out. Day in and day out, I would lift weights. In high school, I got bullied for being one of the only girls who lifted weights because lifting was a “guys thing.” It hurt, but I loved lifting and continued to do it anyway.

After high school, I attended The University of River Falls for exercise and sport science. I fell in love with the classes and decided right away and excelled. I wanted to get certified as a personal trainer. At the
age of 19, I began training and changing people’s lives.

Shortly after that, I stumbled into the world of bodybuilding. I began a challenge that fit me so well that I had to say yes, no matter the cost. To make it happen, as a full-time student, I worked three jobs and
was a competitive bodybuilder.

I’m a workaholic, but I absolutely wouldn’t trade it for anything. I crave information and learning how to make peoples lives better. Sharing my knowledge makes me the happiest person. That’s why I learn
from the best mentors, personal trainers, and coaches in the business. So, I can best help you!

I have experience helping women suffering from gut health issues, thyroid problems, and high blood pressure reach their fitness goals. I find great satisfaction helping people reach their goals in a way that fits their lifestyle, which includes eating the occasional donut.

Currently, I have an online virtual training and nutrition business, and I love it! My vision is to grow worldwide and help millions of women.

If you’re ready to make fitness part of your lifestyle working out the right way to reach your goals and be happy while doing so, then please connect with me.


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Brooke’s Body Shop Fitness